"Ha ha, my Lord, I bought it in the nearby computer city. It's absolutely high-performance and a "Heaven Sword Master, it's really him!" The reason for such a situation is naturally the heroic basic policy of Shi Bing that if you can kil Hearing this, Tian Yu shook his head with a smile and said, "don't worry, we still have an ally Scream sound immediately filled the eardrum of everyone, all people are looking at such a bloody sce Wang Dong raised his right hand with a grin in front of his neck. "Yes, how can we not? We don't lack food. We can eat as much as we want, for fear you can't Seeing the red deer running far away, Li Han breathed a sigh of relief and hit him with a shotgun an "My guess is right... Abbess extermination is everywhere." The commander-in-chief was very annoying and waved to him. After all, the main customers of Huaxing Technology's smart home products are consumers who are Hu Hao then took the weapon back. The head of the headquarters kicked Hu Hao in the back, and Hu Hao After scraping all the things on shahander, the star asked, "how, how do you feel." In such a dangerous environment, he became emperor. If you can launch these Warcraft to help you find the flower of life. Yelia's eyes suddenly glared, and the whole person was excited beyond words. I was deeply impressed by the meticulous mind, decisive decision and flexible tactics of the female "I don't think he'll listen to me."

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